Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Promise

Dear Love,

Wherever I go and whoever I end up with,
I can't promise that I will never hurt you at all
But I promise that I'll always take care of you
And will never leave you no matter what.

I won't let anything harm you or pull you down
I'll bring you up when you're feeling down
Wipe your tears if they're flowing down
I know you'll do the same for me deep down

Together we make a powerful duo
We face our problems as a team
With intelligence and grace we conquer
This I promise you.

My Love,

You'll be the finest wife ever to me
The best mother my kids could ever ask for
I want the world to know how lucky I am
To be proud and finally say you're mine

I'll kiss your forehead every morning
And whisper in your ears those magic words
The sweetest words are only for you
Because no one deserves it more than you

I pray one day we'll get old together
And travel the world just the two of us
I can't imagine of anything better
Than the love we have, I cherish forever

The Promise - SD.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

You Have Always Been, And Will Always Stay

People say, 

That liking someone will die someday
Because only true love is there to stay
But I've tried to forget and fail till today
There's something special about you I must say

Looks is not what I fell for per say
The beauty of your heart and everything you say
Your wisdom and kindness amazes me till today
Hoping my kids to be like you someday

Trying to look for another you today
But some people aren't replaceable as they claim to say
A one a million that comes your way
And you hoped that it will forever stay

God's plans are powerful so never play
Put up your hands and to Him you pray
Some are just destined to stay the whole way
But there're a few that'll fly one day

To say it's pleasure is definitely no way
But sometimes things just don't do your way
If you're safe, happy & good you say
I shall accept and smile and leave it that way

Doesn't mean that I have stopped to pray
But your happiness is what I shall pray today
Even though it's not what I wanted but hey 
Our friendship is something that I will never betray

One fine day I shall return to say
That you have always been and will always stay
As that magical spark that built me today
But for now it's time to walk away

Monday, 23 March 2015


I was laying down on the grass tonight looking up into the sky and all I saw were the stars that light up the dark cold night. It made me wonder how amazing that such a small thing like that could turn the whole dark sky bright. I laid down, started to ponder on life and I realised that even in our life, there are stars that light up our days and make a huge difference to us. Everyone will definitely have a special star that means the world to us. A star that can turn your world around and make you forget of all the challenges and miseries in life. Whenever we feel like there is no longer hope for us to go on, a star will always make sure that we keep on going until the end. Because our star believes in us so much that sometimes they believe in us more than they believe in themselves. A star that will do anything and will sacrifice their life for us no matter what the consequences are. The feeling of having a star around us is just too sweet and indescribable. No words can explain the feeling of it but as humans we are always so greedy and ungrateful. We tend to neglect the things around us to look for something better when actually the ones who really matter have always been right there beside us no matter how bad we have treated them. Those gems are the stars in our life. They rarely happen and they rarely appear in our lifetime but once they are gone, only then will we realize how much we miss them and how much it meant to us. All I can say is that some people pass through this world and leave it as they found it but stars like them take time to do special things that make the world more beautiful. To be honest, I just miss having you around.