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Friends, College & A Whole New Beginning

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all my readers!

Today I feel like writing something about myself and the people around me. People whom I care about and people who mean something to me. Actually, I am a person who loves being around a lot of people and I think most of my friends know that. Furthermore, they also know for a fact that I love to talk! I love telling stories and sharing my opinions with people. My friends will actually come to me and ask for opinions, support, and at times they even turn to me as a shoulder to cry on. It gives me great joy and happiness just by solving other peoples problem and turning their frown into a smile. But if I'm to write about every single one of them, I'm afraid it'll take forever and when it comes to the 3rd or 4th paragraph, all my readers will already be asleep haha! So for this very post I'm just gonna talk about my life in college and so I gave it the title "Friends, College & A Whole New Beginning." Now why did I choose this title? Let me share with you. Well, the story begins when I was about to enter college in May, summer of 2011.

21st May 2011. It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning in Kuala Lumpur. I woke up to the sound of birds chirping behind my house and the wind blowing through my window. It felt like everything was excited for my first day of college at UiTM Alor Gajah, Melaka. As usual, being the eldest amongst my generation (eldest child, eldest among cousins), it is normal to have lots of text messages and calls from family members to congratulate and wish me the best of luck in my future undertakings. They reminded me to always work hard, strive for excellence and show the best example to the others. They told me that it is good for them to have a great role model to look up to. I began my journey from Kuala Lumpur quite early as I didn't want to be late for my first day. I always believed that your first impression is what matters most in anything, be it with your lecturers, friends and even with your bosses later in the future. We reached UiTM Alor Gajah about 1 and a half hours after we pushed off, and it was packed with people from all across the country. Sabah, Sarawak, Perlis, Johor, and not forgetting from KL (that's me!) you name the state you have it. After unpacking my stuffs and I've settled in the room, suddenly it hit me that my parents and family will be leaving soon. I'll be left here alone in Melaka and to add salt to the wound, I do not know anyone here. A few of my schoolmates were there as well but all of them were in different courses so it's just as good as no one. I toughened it up and put a smile on my face as I didn't want my parents to know that I didn't really like it there at first. Before they left, I gave both my parents a loonggg hug and kiss each and whispered in their ear, I love both of you very very much and I promise to always make you proud. Tears of happiness began to flow on both my parents cheeks. They were proud to see that their first born is a big boy now and is already entering college. Waved goodbye and there they went zooming off outside the gates on their way back to Kuala Lumpur and that's when my college life began.

The first week of college was our Orientation Week (Minggu Destini Siswa is what they call it in UiTM). Orientation was pretty much okaaayy, not a bed full of roses but it wan't full of thorns as well. It was just like a normal camp but since I was out of school for quite some time so it was kinda disturbing at first. One week flew in a blink of an eye and without me noticing, it was already Monday and it's the first day of class. I still remember myself walking from my Dormitory (Lekir at that moment) passed through the Mosque, down the stairs, crossed the lake on the bridge, up another set of stairs again and finally into the academic block. I didn't know anyone yet, of course I've met some during orientation but none were my classmates. I was all alone that Monday morning and so I walked to the Business Faculty and walla! Got to know that our first class was cancelled due to some technical problems, but since we had another class in the afternoon so I just went to the library to kill some extra time. There, a girl approached me. She was a beautiful tall girl with a tinge of tanned skin and a long wavy hair. She asked me whether I'm in MBM1111E as well and I said yes I am and I could see the look of relief in her face. We exchanged Blackberry BB pins and before she left, she asked me to help out in giving directions as to where the classes will be and all, of course I said okay. So there it was, the story of how I got to know my first classmate who was also among the first friends I met at UiTM Melaka. Later that day I met more friends and from the first moment I saw them, I already knew that they were wonderful people, all of them. I can't really remember what class it was that afternoon but it was the class where we had to select someone amongst us to become our new class representative. A class representative or more commonly known as a class rep will be the one who helps coordinate and become the middle man between the students and the lecturers. Surprisingly, I was being chosen as MBM1111E's first class representative. An honour of course but a huge responsibility as well. Until today, I don't really know the real reason behind why they chose me to become their leader. Maybe my big built and matureness were the key reasons towards my appointment as the class representative but of course those are only my assumptions.

As days went by, I got to know more and more friends in college. Amazingly, all my misery during the first few days were all gone! It was all after I met these wonderful people and in fact geniuses as well. Maannn these people are smart. Almost all my close friends scored with flying colours and qualified for the Dean's List Award in the first semester (3.5 GPA and above). With their help and support, Alhamdulillah I was also among those who received the Dean's List Award. I totally credit my results to them because without my friends I couldn't have done it. It was the same thing again in my 2nd semester. I met more wonderful people and all of them were my inspiration in their own special way. To me, my friends and family are my everything and I truly cherish each and everyone of them. My 2nd semester results weren't as good as compared to my first. I scored a heartbreaking 3.49 GPA and missed the Dean's List Award by 0.01 point! It was a total blow for me and I really felt like breaking down but my friends and family were the ones who comforted me. Everyone gave me the support I needed and made me realise that God knows what's best for me and there is always a reason behind everything that happens. I accept it as it is and instead will use it as a driving force to push harder in the future. Semester break came and as everyone was happily enjoying their holidays, I took the liberty to work and find some experience and also some extra pocket money because being independent is just something I have inside of me. So I went back to the place where I used to work after my SPM, a social media communications PR firm in Damansara. Suddenly while I was into my 5th week there, I was called by the CEO and my manager. My heart was beating super fast, will I be fired?! My mind kept thinking of the Apprentice. A game show where Donald Trump tries finds his new apprentice and whoever who fails, Trump will just come up to him/her and say "you're fired!". But my imagination was wrong, they actually offered me a 6 months contract to work with them. They told me that a few big projects were around the corner and they really wanted someone they could trust to be on the team. Puzzled, I asked them the reason why they offered me a job considering that I don't even have a diploma under my belt and my SPM results wasn't something special as well. My CEO then said shafique, a diploma, a degree or any paper qualification is just a piece of paper to show us that you can do the job but now even without a paper qualification you've proved to us that you can do the job and in fact do the job well so it doesn't matter to us. Mom picked me up that evening so I shared the story with her along the way. That was not the hard part, the hard part was to tell my friends.

I am a person who really dislikes changes when I'm comfortable with something and in this case I am very much comfortable with the friends I have in college. My classmates, my hostel mates, my beloved De' Best Club and everyone else I have there in Melaka. It's really hard for me to let them go and maybe even harder than them letting me go. It was among the biggest decision I had to make in my entire life. Sacrifising my happiness today in hopes to build a brighter place for me in the future. It was a huge risk because I had to extend my studies and put it on hold. At that moment I knew that when I return to college in December, I can never be in my old class anymore. I can never be in the same class as my close friends anymore. Is this the right choice I'm making? Is this a good or a bad decision? Nothing can be answered at that moment and I left it to Allah. I know that if I pray and ask for HIS guidance, HE will surely show the way. So that was what brought me to where I am today, a 19 year old boy who is not that of a genius but with a handful of experience in the corporate world dealing with professional corporate figures who are waaayyyyy more experienced and professional than me. Being in this way of life isn't that easy but if you know how to play the game it is quite alright. Just smile, be nice to everyone and never harm anyone. A principal that I hold on to and as of today has benefited me a lot. I've learned a lot this past one year. Friends, work everything has played a part in moulding me to become a better person. It was certainly not a bad decision after all. I got to make new friends at work and found role models to look up to.  Dear friends in my beloved UiTM, although I may not be in the same class as you guys anymore, not the same batch as you guys anymore but to tell tell you the truth that doesn't matter to me. I am a totally different person now and it is all because of you guys so how can I ever forget that. I had become this very strong positive minded, do it right and go for the kill kinda guy instead of the slow, weak and negative minded guy which has already become the past right now. All of us have a long future ahead and we should not waste it in doing stupid things that can jeopardise our future. We are our nation's future leaders and we must act like one starting from today. Before I end my lengthy blog post today, I would like to say thank you for your help guys and may God bless us all. Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, till we meet again and thank you Allah for giving me wonderful friends, college and a whole new beginning (':

People I had in mind while writing this blog post:
Adylin, Nonie, Dayang, Fatin and all my BM1111E's (May 2011), Shafiqa, Tia, Haziq Mochtar, Haziq Ezman, Afiq, Marang, Haikal, Azizie, Ehsan, Harith, Aziz TJ, Kucap, Ishak, Zafar, Pian, Faridz, Amir, Azhar, Ainul, Alya, Huda, Sofiyya, Azra, Izy, Minmin, Amad, my De Best family and soooo many others that can't write down their names as it will just be too long!!

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