Monday, 1 April 2013

Months of The Year

Once there lived a guy named January who was in love with a lovely lady named February. He was going to March towards her to say how he felt but backed out cause it was the 1st of April so everyone would think it's a joke. He backed out and prayed  May God show him the girl of his life and that's when he met June. July's twin sister but was equally pretty. First week in the month of August they started to date but a cruel man named September then came into the picture and tried to detroy the relationship. When it became worse, the twin's dad October asked the sweet couple to get married as soon as possible. Their wedding was held on November 27th and they later had 3 beautiful kids. They will always remember their honeymoon which lasted for a month and made a song about it called "Back to December".

The End - SD

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