Wednesday, 1 May 2013

From deep down inside

Just a short piece to voice out what I feel.

The are some people out there who love to complain that our country is corrupted, has a high crime rate, polluted and many other things as well but let me ask you, what are you doing to help this country that we love? What role are you playing to help make our beloved Malaysia a better place for everyone?

I am 19 and yes I am not allowed to vote just yet but that doesn't mean that I cannot lend a helping hand into helping my country become a better place for everyone. I help with whatever I can right now and I have been doing these things for quite some time now. I am actively involved in student activities in my university, I help handle activities for youths and there are many other numerous activities that I do to help create a better Malaysia for all of us. I believe that Malaysian youths today are the future leaders so I would like create a strong bond between youths in Malaysia.

Unlike some people, they just love to talk and criticise everyone but they on the other hand do nothing to help this situation. I don't deny that our country has a lot of lose ends here and there, some of our leaders have flaws be it the Government or the Opposition it's just the same because all of us are humans and we tend to make mistakes along the way. What I'm trying to say is that at least all of these people and their supporters, social activists, student leaders etc, they brainstorm ideas and create new ways to make Malaysia a better place in their own special ways. They don't just sit at home or go and run away overseas because they say Malaysia is terrible and that they don't like it here. When Malaysia is better I'll come back home. Why, that's very patriotic of you. Don't dare calling Malaysia your home if that's the case.

What we here lack is understanding, cooperation, and maybe our political arena is not as matured as the United States for example. People can go out and clearly say who they support without getting bashed. This is what's lacking in Malaysia. Mutual understanding and respect but I think that it's alright because Rome was not built in a day. Every great thing takes time and I believe that what we are going through today is just a normal process of becoming a better nation. We need a strong government to lead the way and we also need a strong and professional opposition to show where our mistakes are. Like the old Malay saying goes Kuman di seberang laut nampak, gajah di depan mata tak kelihatan. It's easy for us to detect someone else's mistake but it's difficult for us to detect our own. No matter which party is ruling, I believe having both a strong government and opposition is healthy for our development.

In a nutshell what I'm trying to say to all the 29 million Malaysians out there is that please respect each other no matter how much we disagree with them. We are all humans and we deserve to earn respect as a another human being. As a youth who insyaAllah still has a long way to go in life, I would love to see all of these 29 millions working together hand in hand to build a better nation for everyone. To those who can vote, do go out and vote this Sunday the 5th of May. It's the least you could do towards helping Malaysia becoming a better place for everyone so that we can live in peace and harmony. I would love to see Malaysia as a great nation that is well known for it's multi cultured people who are polite, friendly and loving.

Sincerely from the heart of a young boy who wishes to see a better Malaysia not only for him but for all his other 29 million Malaysian brother and sisters. Vote wisely Malaysia, Peace! (:

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