Monday, 13 May 2013

Twenty and more to come

During these finals hours of being a teenager, I try to look back on what I've done this past 20 years. The good and the bad, the laughter and the cries, the triumphs and the failures and every single episode of it has been a wonderful journey that has taught me to become a better person in life. So here it goes, a short and simple story of a young Malaysian boy named Shafique Danial who was born on a wonderful Friday afternoon, the 14th of May 1993 at the Kapiolani Medical Centre in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I would like to start by talking about my primary school years that was full of fun and amazing memories. I went to this huge green school on top of a hill in Bandar Sri Damansara and that's when my life started because I can't really remember my kindergarten days that much. I was not the no1 student but I always tried my best to stay in the top class all the way through 6th grade. I had such amazing friends and those were the times when we played like there was no tomorrow. What me and my friends were excited the most about school was Recess! At that time, we had 2 recess sessions. One was in the morning and one during lunch time. Every time when the bell rang the boys and some of the girls too, would head off to the field to play football. We played in our uniforms and some even wore a tie and vest because they were prefects and that includes me. When recess was over we would all go back to our classrooms all sweaty and sticky and we would all aim for the aircond. And almost everyday without fail, we would get scolding from our teacher Pn Jamilah but that didn't stop us from playing football everyday single day. Everything was worth it in the end because at the end of our primary years, all of us did quite well for our UPSR examinations. I got a straight 5A's so I went to a boarding school for my high school, SMKA Kuala Lumpur.

During the first year of my high school years in SMKA Kuala Lumpur, it was pure hell. Everyone knew I was homesick but who cares, try getting into my shoes and try to adapt yourself. It was tough because I had to make a 360' change as I had to adapt from a private school environment into not only a boarding school but also a religious boarding school. I had to learn so many new things there and there is just so much that a 13 year old boy can take but thanks to the tremendous support system I had behind me, I made it through just fine. I always had wonderful family and friends who supported me the whole way and they were always giving me the motivation and support to stay in school. It was no doubt a good school that taught me a lot of new things. Things that I can never learn if I didn't spend my 5 years in high school at SMKA Kuala Lumpur. If there is one person to thank for insisting me to stay in this good school, it is my dad. He really believed that that was the best for me and I must be strong. He knew that I was strong enough and I could go through it from the very beginning that's why he insisted that I should stay there. He knew it was going to be a tough ride for me during that 5 years so he supported me like crazy till the very end. Proven, I don't think I will be where I am today if I did not go through the 5 years in this boarding school. Those valuable lessons about life which I learned there was just so valuable. I entered high school as a boy and 5 years later, I left as a man who had a good head on his shoulders.

Everything that starts will eventually come to an end and so did high school. My friends and I, we went our own separate ways and there were some of my friends who went on to further their studies abroad while the rest stayed in Malaysia. I on the other hand was offered a place in UiTM Melaka to do a Business Diploma. I accepted the offer and so I started my university life in the mid of 2011. But along the way, there were also times when I worked to gain experiences and nothing more. This was also an important part of my life that made me who I am today. It all started when my uncle asked me what I was planning to do during my holidays and he said why not I come over to his friend's office because they needed some help, and I said okay. I still remember the first day I entered office. I was dressed up in a purple long sleeves shirt and a black slacks looking nerdy to the max. My first job was to find certain articles in the newspaper then cut them and send them to my manager. I was also the one who would replace the water dispenser when it was empty and also the guy who carries the boxes and arranges stuff the office. That job description then became better and better and my responsibilities grew as time went by. Soon, I found myself in a place where not many 19 year olds have been. Sometimes I do feel like I'm dreaming but thanks to the wonderful people I have in my office, I tend to learn fast and that allows me to progress better every time. They are really helpful and will always help me when I'm stuck or out of ideas.

I may not be the best kid on the planet but I think I did just fine and I'm proud to be standing at where I am right now. I am not a great person but the people around me helps me become a better person each day. I learn from them everyday and I won't stop learning from them until my last breath of life. I always believe that my mistakes are more important than my victories because we learn from mistakes and not from victories. As the saying goes, we learn from failures and not from success. If I have the chance to go back in time to adjust what I've done, I think I would take the same old route and not change a single part of it. It was not a bed of roses but it was not that thorny either. And so here is my thank you list that actually has no ending to be honest.

Thank you,

Mama & Abah for your endless love, support and everything these past 20 years.
My 2 Brothers who gets on my nerve 24/7 but I still love them.
Arwah Tokdad & Tokmi who taught me how to reach for your goals and always strive for excellence.
Atok & Opah who will always remind me that education is everything and I'll never forget Opah's story about her studying under the lampu minyak tanah, a great motivational story indeed.
Uncles & Aunties who treat me like their own child every single time.
Cousins who are my bestfriends until I die.

Pakngah who first brought me into the working world and taught me that you're right when you're right and you're wrong when you're wrong.
Zee Kin who is like a big brother to me who will show me the right path and tell me when I'm wrong.
Everyone at my office and everyone I've worked with who knows how to work hard and play hard.

Haniff Rosli & Faridd Mirzan who are my bros forever although we have a total opposite political view but that doesn't stop us from becoming great friends.
Shafiqa Nadira who is my best friend/sister at the same time and will point out my every mistake but I know it's because she cares.
My schoolmates who are crazy and hyper at every hour of the day.
My classmates who are all amazing in their own ways.
My De'Best family who have been supporting me & the team all these while.
My teachers & lecturers who have been supplying educational information into my brain.

And everyone I've met these past 20 years. I thank you all so much for becoming a part of my life and I will cherish each and everyone of you forever. Without you, my life would just be a dark road heading no where.

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